Frequently asked questions

Yes. I’m a full-time DMA maintaining Exadata, GoldenGate and MSSQL Server in one of the leading Organizations. Like you, I’m also predominantly fighting with Exadata and GoldenGate issues on daily basis, collaborating meetings with Oracle for various products, dealing with licenses, along with day-to-day DMA and all-in-all Exadata support to the company.

You are learning from well experienced Professional. Just digest all the contents of this training, you will get 100% confidence to work on Exadata. Your confidence multifold as a DBA as you are becoming a DMA.

Depends. I have given excellent subject in this training. Honestly, I can say, if you listen to these classes well and practice, no need of personal training. Still if you want, please write to, I will try to accommodate the training timings if possible.

Up to date. You will feel it throughout the training.

Depends on my vacation. Please write to

Quarterly. Every Jan-15th, Apr-15th, Jul-15th and Oct-15th will be updated with additional latest information if anything

Both. I promise, you could feel the beauty in my Lab explanations.

I will provide full software stack including Cell Server Software. You can install Quarter Rack on VMware. All installation steps are given in detail in this training.

  • I have given step-by-step Quarter Rack Installation and configuration can be done in your laptop.
  • I have gone an extra mile explaining many other things related to Network/Storage/Linux. With this training, as a single fighter, you alone can efficiently work with Oracle ACS team while deploying Exadata in your organization from Scratch in your environment and lead a team.
  • Crystal clear explanation. I have put all my heart and soul to conclude many topics to give highly refined subject.
  • I really want everyone to install Exadata in their personal laptops.
  • No one should feel Exadata as a Rocket Science.
  • I need to see some smile on the trainee’s face giving 5-star rating to me after this training.
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