Course Introduction - Exadata X8/X8m

On high level

Part-1 (Exadata Essentials)

  • Introduction, History and Evolution of Exadata
  • Hardware, Software, Networking and Monitoring Architecture of Exadata
  • Deployment, Installation and Configuration of Exadata (In laptop)

Part-2 (Exadata Advanced)

  • Exadata Day-to-Day administration on DB, Storage Servers
  • Administration of Infiniband/RoCE, Admin Switch and PDUs
  • Backup & Recovery
  • OEM - Promoting DB Machine and Monitoring
  • Patching the DB Machine
  • Troubleshooting
  • Overview of Licensing, Support, and Certifications
  • And many more……….
  • Oracle Database Administrators/SMEs/Architects
  • Systems Administrators
  • Oracle DB Administrator with good knowledge in ASM, RAC, RMAN etc. in both 11gR2 and 12c/19c.
  • Understanding of general Networking, Storage, and System Administration concepts.
  • Exadata Database Machine = Complete Exadata Rack with Database Servers and Storage servers and other Hardware and Software components
  • Exadata Database Server = One DB Server
  • Exadata Storage Server = Cell = Storage Cell = Cell Node
  • Theory – almost applicable to all Exadata Versions
  • Practice (Lab)                – GIS                – RDBMS             – Cell Server Version/Exadata Image Version

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