Let’s Learn Exadata, OGG, EM13c Deeply!

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“ If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. ”

- Einstein

Udemy Link for Exadata Part-1


Count Down to complete Regular Online Classes for Part-2


Time & Duration

Part-1 Completed

Part-2 is continuing.

Timings: 9pm to 10:15pm EDT 

Days: 3 or 4 classes a month based on my availability.

CEO & the Instructor of Exadata

  • Name: Ravi Kumar – Sr. Oracle DBA.
  • Gold Medalist by The then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for being State Top Ranker in SSC.
  • Currently working as a DBA Manager in a leading Financial Organization.
  • 13+ years of experience into Oracle DBA with expertise in Exadata, GoldenGate, RAC, ASM, Data Guard and Tuning.
  • 5+ years of experience into MSSQL Server DBA and Oracle Apps DBA.
  • Architect and advisor specializing in Exadata and GoldenGate providing complex solutions in mission critical customer facing production environments running around the clock.
  • Hobbies are Regular workouts in Gym(1.5hrs/day), Meditation(30min/day), Exploring the world by reading books and listening to music.
  • Have Global experience across several countries on site.
  • Extensive teaching experience of 7 years – trained almost 1000+ delegates in Exadata and GoldenGate together and continuing.
  • You would find my teaching very impacting and accurate.


Ravi Kumar

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn Exadata, GoldenGate, EM13c and many other Oracle DBA Skills


We will give you in depth knowledge in two parts.

  • Exadata Essentials(running now)
  • Exadata Advanced(upcoming in next 20days) 
Lesson Image


We will give you next level knowledge in two parts.
  • GoldenGate Essentials
  • GoldenGate Advanced 
Lesson Image


Short and Sweet training. Enough for monitoring and Tuning. 

  • OEM13c Essentials
  • OEM13c Advanced 

Start with the Basics

Yes. For anything, you need strong foundation or Basics. Later you can polish it to any level of expertise.

Gautam Standards will give strong Basics in Exadata, GoldenGate and OEM13c. You will never ever see kind of crisp and clear explanations.

Become a Pro In 30 Days!

Well Defined Basics

Explanation of Basics of Exadata in Gautam Standards will be kind of “Never Before, Ever After”. You could feel it during the training.   

Extraordinary Lab Setup

The toughest part in Learning Exadata is setting up a Lab in your laptop. Yes, it is really tough. Needs expertise. But here, we will make it very easy for you.

It’s that you have to sit with us 3 hours with utmost interest. We will help you to build the Lab in your Laptop. 

Softcopy Material

We know the soft copies of any technology are often  misused. But nothing is more important than the happiness of our  genuine learners. So we  will provide soft copies what we teach here.

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